Okt 2016

What tools do you use to design your crochet/knit projects?

I always wonder how do you design your crochet or knit projects? We all have our own way we start and finish our projects.

In the winter time I always have my hot cup of chocolate ready before i start any crochet or knit work. By the time i need a break it is a bit cooler to drink. I draw out and work out my design, but before i do that i choose the yarn i will use. I love to experiment if a project tells me which yarn to use i choose a different one and take it from there. I make some swaps to see whether the stitch i would like to use is suitable and take it from there with my stitch. After I decide on the yarn (color) and stitch i can go ahead and change the project if i wish to do so. In any case i try to visualize the project before i start to crochet or knit. Some projects would require to first crochet or knit before drawing out the design.

Whenever i design my projects i tend to use pen and paper and then try it out with an App. 

 So tell me how do you do your design ritual and what tools do you use to get your design done?

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I'm Bck

I'm Bck

16 okt 2016

Have been away for 4 years, amazing how time flies. I am currently working on lots of mayor projects please have patience as i organize myself to finish what i once started.

After going through some personal struggles, like the lost of the father of my kids, I am finally back and would love to share with you my experiences from the last 4 years. 

I will be posting here every Wednesday and keep you posted! 

Enjoy your Nippy Hook!



Nippy Hook

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